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Xtender Free Trial

Completey Free - No Hidden Catches

Free Trial

To start the free trial, it is necessary to setup a user identity and profile. The user identity consists of your name, postal address and email address.

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Guaranteed No Obligation

You do not need to take any further action to avoid being charged. We do not charge anything until you decide if you wish to subscribe to our service.

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Trial Cancels Automatically

We do not ask for any payment information. Our trial is completely free and without obligation. At the end of the trial period we will automatically stop your Daily Alerts.

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Steps Required To Start Free Trial

Xtender creates a detailed industry profile tailored to match whatever product or service you supply. We need to go through the following steps to build that profile.

Personal Details

We need to get details of who you are, name address and telephone number. We also need your email address so that each day of your trial we can send you an email message showing the tender opportunities for the areas of business and geographic locations that interest you. In addition you will be asked to set a password, as this is required to log on to our web site during your trial period.

CPV Profile

All tenders have Common Procurement Codes (CPV) associated with them. These codes indicate the type of products required by the tender. It vitals that the codes that are of interest are included on the user profile. You must specify CPV codes for any information to be sent to you.


Keywords can be either include or exclude. If you specify include keywords, documents that do not match the CPV code, but the keyword appears in the abstract, will be matched. Exclude keywords that are found in the documents abstract will be excluded and treated as not matching your profile.


Tenders are associated with countries, to receive tenders you must specify the country or countries that are of interest to you.

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Let Us Show You What We can Do

We are happy to be judged on our results. We will match your profile each day of the trial and send the result by email to you and any colleagues you select to receive a copy of the email.

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