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Xtender Daily Tenders Alert Service

What does Xtender do?

Xtender gives you direct, daily access to procurement opportunities and public contracts from National, Regional, Local Governments, Private Sectors as well as Health, Educational and European Organizations.

Xtender provides information on:

How does Xtender do this?

Xtender creates a detailed industry profile tailored to match whatever product or service you supply. Any new opportunities that match your profile are sent to you on a daily basis by email.

Where does Xtender source its information?

The Xtender database is updated daily from the OJEC (Official Journal of the European Community), sourced Public Sector opportunities and tenders added privately by Xtender. Xtender publishes OJEC notices and so provides a comprehensive single source for all public sector tenders.

What does an Xtender subscription offer?

The complete package from Xtender costs £450 (€575)+VAT for a full 12 months subscription.

This less than half the price charged by some of our competitors!

What you get :-

Click here to register now for a 5 day free trial of how Xtender can benefit your business.

How can we help you ?

Xtender Tendering Service and Public Contracts

Our state of the art software systems allow us to match your profile against business opportunities on a daily basis.

Still Not Convinced ?

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